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Game Changing

My hypnotherapy session with Rhiannon was game changing. I came to her with a deep, chronic fear of public speaking. During my session, Rhiannon helped me to uncover 3 moments from my childhood that solidified this fear, I was so surprised at the memories which came back.

My 21 day hypnotic track totally rewired my capacity to receive attention. I even spoke on National Television and had an article written about me in the Daily Mail for my work. It’s pretty astonishing the changes you can make in just 1 month. I highly recommend her work as a practitioner, she holds a safe, warm and deep space for your healing.

Photo of client that gave a testimonial

-Lucy Porter
Dating & Relationship Astrologer

I was able to overcome my fears

The session was deeply relaxing and I felt very comfortable. I got results working on emotional walls that she helped me tear down and locate cause. While we didn't go into the cause in our session as we were focusing on health concerns, we were able to address it which helped tremendously so we could work on the health symptoms and fears.


After our session and listening to the recording I was able to over come my fears of this health symptoms controlling my life and got accepted to graduate school after I put my career and education on hold for 10 years. I had let the symptoms and fear of it controlling my life. I was in a rut and couldn't move forward on anything. She was phenomenal and helped me break through the barrier by locating guilt that created so many issues. I highly recommend her for RTT sessions and recordings she has such a beautiful calming demeanor and vibe.

- Jennifer

Great first step in understanding myself

Hypnosis for me was very much a starting point; a safe place where I had the opportunity to explore events in my past, which I had buried away. The aim of the hypnotherapy was to help with my anxiety and very bad panic attacks. I have been having panic attacks for a few years now and since medication didn't help, I wanted to explore the option of hypnosis.


I had many reservations going into hypnosis. When I met Rhi, I felt a connection to her. I felt at ease to try something new. She explained the process to me and eased some of my concerns. One of these concerns was having little control when under. However, this was not the case for me. I entered hypnosis with ease and was in full control throughout the session. My session lasted approx 90 mins, but the time went quickly and I didn't feel any way out of touch with reality. I was guided through events in my past, which at times, became emotional.


However, using the tool of hypnosis, I explored my subconscious and learned some pieces of information about myself and my past, which contributes to the anxiety and self doubt that I have today. The goal of never having another panic attack was not achieved by hypnosis,  however the benefits that I gained of understanding myself better and having the ability now to be kinder to myself, made the experience one in which I would highly recommend. The road to recovery is a long one but doing the hypnotherapy session with Rhiannon was a great first step in understanding myself.

Photo of client that gave a testimonial

- Abbey

 I have noticed great improvements

What an absolute delight! Heading into my RTT session with Rhiannon, I really had no idea what to expect. She was so warm and welcoming to my struggles of body image issues and made the space feel so comfortable and approachable for me.

After my session, Rhiannon sent me a personalised audio recording and I've been a sponge for her words of reinforcement. Since my session I have noticed great improvements in this area of my life and feel more active and overall healthier. It has made a world of difference for my growth and lifestyle, esp. during times of lockdown. I can't praise Rhiannon's approach enough and I'm amazed by her detective-like skills. Absolutely recommended.

I am able to get on with life
with a sense of ease

Rhiannon has a calm demeanour about her which made me feel safe and able to open up and talk to her during our session together. After our session Rhiannon made me a personalised recording to listen to and with such a lovely soothing voice, I really enjoyed listening to this each night and had an amazing night's sleep! Since the recording I have noticed a difference in my mindset and find that I am able to get on with life with a sense of ease. Thank you Rhiannon.

- Amanda

Rhiannon helped to shift my mindset

I was very hesitant before starting hypnotherapy as it is not something I have given credit to before. However Rhiannon made me feel comfortable from the beginning and explained everything very clearly. I felt heard and encouraged. 


I had reached a moment in my life where I felt like I was not enough, and Rhiannon helped to shift my mindset by creating personal affirmations. The recording helped to keep me moving forward and I cannot thank Rhiannon enough for the help she has given me.

Great at finding my core ‘issue’

Up on talking to Rhiannon I have never heard of RTT before and was convinced that I have tried all the therapy possibilities out there. I am glad I got proven wrong and was impressed by the session I had with her. Rhiannon was great at finding my core ‘issue’ and really diving deep into my childhood and what was holding me back. During and after our session I felt a lot of emotional release and felt much lighter than before. Listening the next 21 days to the recording by her has helped me to integrate the realisations I had during our session. I can highly recommend her to anyone who has tried different types of therapies and has failed, give it a try and you might be surprised! Thanks so much Rhiannon for everything.

I was met with patience and respect and felt safe

I highly recommend Rhiannon for hypnotherapy. It was my first experience with hypnotherapy and I had a wonderful session. I was met with patience and respect and felt safe throughout the session. I was also provided with an audio recording to listen to nightly to continue the work we did during our session. All in all I had a very positive experience and it has given me a great starting point towards working on many different aspects of my life.

I feel a great sense of relief

Rhiannon is a wonderful caring lady. She put me straight away at ease and her questioning and intuition were second to none. She managed to bring back memories which had been holding me back and I feel a great sense of relief. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

- Clementina

Such a gift to be so understood

Rhiannon, it was such an intuitive session you gave to me! I felt you so in tune, you ended up speaking the words of my heart before i even knew them! Such a gift to be so understood. The recording was beautiful and I looked forward to listen each day!

- Sara

I had made a major step toward healing the pain from my past

Thank you so much, Rhiannon. I would like to say that my session with you was extremely powerful and I came away feeling like I had made a major step toward healing the pain from my past. Your genuine love, compassion and innate intuition, led me to uncover some life experiences that had been responsible for my lifelong pain and inability to truly love myself. Thank you once again. RTT is amazing and I would recommend you as a truly skilled Hypnotherapist.

- Karen J

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